Photography Policy

Photography Policy

WhiteWater Action Medway (WAM) takes the protection of children and vulnerable people seriously and has developed a Child {Protection Policy which is available via the website –

Club activities are often exciting and rewarding activities and can be difficult to capture on photograph or video due to the water based nature of the activity. It is therefore often appreciated when photographs and images are taken that they can be shared and enjoyed by others.

Club members are permitted to take photographs and video of club activities within the following guidelines:

• Permission must be sought from Committee members prior to any photography or videos being taken during Pool sessions.
• No photographic equipment should be taken into changing rooms or used in areas where people are getting changed

By taking part in any club activities, those participating agree:
• That they may be photographed or videoed as they take part.
• That photographs or videos so taken may be distributed to other members of the club either electronically or by hard copy.
• That images may be published on the internet, in the Leisure Centre, or in the media by the club.

Members who have specific reasons for not wanting images of themselves to be taken, or distributed, or the images they pass on to be published should take the following steps:

• Inform the committee explicitly that they do not want images they are distributing to be published in any form
• Inform the committee in writing that they wish to avoid being featured in any published photographs or videos.

Members of the Committee involved in publishing images will endeavor to avoid using images of people who have specifically requested they be excluded.  WAM takes no responsibility for the content or distribution of photographs taken by individual members.

All Members of the club have a role to play in enforcing these guidelines by reminding people of their responsibilities and challenging any transgressions.

If at any time you are unsure or concerned about the taking, distribution or publishing of any images associated with WAM please speak to a committee member or your coach straight away.