Pool Session Rules

Pool Session Rules

Whitewater Action Medway pool sessions will be run by a responsible member of the club, all requsets made by this person must be followed.

Entry to the swimming pool is via the pool’s external fire doors, not the main sport centre entrance.  Outdoor footwear must be removed immediately on entry.

It is the paddlers’ responsibility to ensure that their boats and equipment have been washed out and are clean, before entry to the pool. The club reserves the right to check and exclude any item deemed to be dirty, on the night.

Please place your boat down with care to avoid damage to the tiled surfaces.  Avoid dropping boats or paddles.

Paddlers under the age of 16 are required to have a parent or guardian present at all times.  If the parent or guardian is not paddling, they may use the seating area beside the pool.  Paddlers, who are not able to swim 50m, must have a responsible adult on the water with them at all times.

Unfortionatly swimming is not permitted during the session due to the risk of being hit by a boat or paddles.

Changing rooms are accessed to the left of the pool:  clothes may either be left in the lockers or brought back poolside to the seating area.

Paddlers may get into their boats poolside and slide gently off the sloping edge into the water.  Seal launching from the diving board, or other raised areas, is not permitted.

Exiting must be from your boat whilst still on the water or, poolside, if someone has pulled you out.  Running your boat at the poolside or vertically bouncing your boat out on to the side will cause damage.

Kayakers performing playboating moves have a duty of care to other paddlers and must ensure that there is sufficient space around them for what they wish to do.

Anyone wishing to use  photographic equipment within the swimming pool area needs to check with the WAM committee member supervising the session and explain what they wish to do and why.  No photographic equipment is allowed to be used in the changing rooms.  Please refer to WAM’s Photographic Policy. 

Please also see the Pool Sessions Risk Assesment.