Marlin Site Rules

Rules and conditions of use of the Marlin site


•    Crash helmets and buoyancy aids are to be worn when paddling from the site.
•    In return for the use of the site, You are expected to help any person in trouble.
•    Firstly you must raise attention to the incident.
•    Secondly you will provide assistance to any person that gets into trouble in the water in such a way that will not put you the helper(s) in any danger.

Site Use

•    The site is to be treated with respect at all times.
•    The site must be left the way it is found.
•    Changing room is to be left clean tidy and dry.
•    Failure to comply with this may result in a permanent ban from the site.
•    The committee will agree bans and you will be notified in writing.


•    All rubbish to be placed in bins provided and once bins are full to be emptied off site.


•    All damages must be reported however small. In the event that there is damage, the club WhiteWater Action Medway, will put right the damage or replace the item and the person/people responsible may be invoiced for repair/replacement equally.

Under 18s

•    Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a mature adult who will be responsible for them at all times.
•    They must be kept under control at all times and are not permitted to light or interfere with fires unless supervised

Pitching of tents

•    No camping is allowed without requesting permission from one of the club committee in advance.
•    For reasons of safety ALL tents should be pitched away from fire areas, a reasonable distance apart; not blocking any access.

A quiet site policy

•    Campers are requested to avoid excessive noise at all times, being quiet between the hours of 11pm and 7am. (Those who do not comply may be asked to leave the site.)


•    Dogs must be kept under control at all times, exercised away from camping areas, and any mess cleared up immediately.

Fires and barbeques

•    Open fires are only permissible in designated areas, you are welcome to bring charcoal or gas barbeques provided they are raised off the grass and are suitably sited and attended so that they are not a hazard to others.

Landing stage

•    The landing stage is slippery when wet.
•    Boats are not to be left on the landing stage at any time.

If anything is unclear then please ask

Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in you being
totally banned from the site.