Isle de la Serre – July 2017

isle de la serreFrance – Isle de la Serre, Saturday 22nd – Saturday 29th July 2017
Come and join WAM members for a week of warm water paddling!

This is a week’s whitewater trip to the French Whitewater Course, Espace Eau Vive, Isle de la Serre, midway between Geneva and Lyon.
The course is suited to surfing and flat spinning, ideal for paddlers who enjoy playing. You would need to be confident on the Dart Loop to enjoy this.
The course is constructed in a loop, so one has minimal walking with the boat. There are other adrenalin-filled activities such as hydro-speeding and hot-dogging. One can, of course, just river-run the course if one wants to.

There is a flattish bottom section for paddlers not at this level, but you would need to be confident at self-rescuing and would need someone else to paddle with.

There is usually a visit to the challenging surf wave at the Saint Pierre de Boeuf course, the other side of Lyon.

Accommodation is on the campsite adjacent to the course. No real shade so bring your own! Prices are extremely cheap
: camping is 5.50 – 7.40 euros per person per night (the lesser amount for a group of 6 or more). Water access is 4.60 euros per day. (2016 prices)

One warning: the toilet facilities are mainly stand-up.

The course is midway between Lyon and Geneva – 38390 Porcieu, at Sault Brenaz, just past Bourg en Bresse ie a distance of c550 miles. Google Espace Eau Vive.

Fuel and tolls are the most expensive items on this trip.

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